Here are some current outside projects

^Patio is finished. I just got some heavy metal and wood benches

^Here is a view from below.

^I put in a 16x8 foot deck in front of the house along with an arbor. Its all cedar and from
a distance looks like a front porch with columns the arbor is not attached to the house.

^Close-up of one of the front deck posts. It looks pegged together, a mission style look...

^Here is a nice view out my front door with the rhododendron to the right and pole lamp and
new garden with stepping stones that Julie helped me put in out in front.

^Here is a more close-up of the front pole lamp garden. There was a huge bush here that covered
the front sidewalks and driveway. It took me 2 years to get rid of the whole bush.

^Here is part of the backyard from my upper deck. There is a stone patio on the right
and a set of cedar stairs going down the hill to a deck which I will put in this or next year.
It took 1 year to see what was in the backyard after removing 5 trees, 3 large bushes,
and 10+ foot tall wild thorny raspberry vines.

^Here is a slate stone patio I cut into the hill one fall. I have to find a nice bench for the space.

^Here is a better view of the patio. The ground cover to the right blooms with blue flowers
all spring and the ground cover to the left and back blooms with larger yellow flowers all summer.
There is also a purple hibiscus in there somewhere which I hope will get bigger and flower this year.

^It took me forever to put these stairs in so that they did not move.

^Another view of the patio.

^Here are a set of wood stairs which will eventually lead down to a deck at the
bottom of the hill. I have it all cleared out and marked. Now I have to build it.

^I just put in this hosta along a fence which was covered in a fast growing vine. This vine
chokes out everything here.

^Here is a picture of my short retaining wall which makes the backyard a bit more level.