Kitchen Project Detail

This is a picture history of the kitchen remodel.
November 1998 - This photo shows the kitchen the day I moved in,
notice the, dark cedar-mahogany cabinets, gold dishwasher,
and gold vinyl floor and countertops. The cat dish on the floor
was left by the previous people. The wire on the floor was my
first remodeling job, trying to figure out why the kitchen lights
and the living room was without power. The bucket on the counter
was used to clean all the walls and ceilings with Pine Sol. Everything
was covered with a thick layer of smokers brown residue. To this
day I get sick when I smell lemon Pine Sol reminding me of the smoky
smell. All walls were cleaned three times, sealed with a primer
then repainted.
October 14, 2001, 11:13:36 PM -
This is actually almost 2 months underway. I started
late July. The upper cabinets are down and the drywall on the
ceiling is starting to come down as well as the joists.
The tops of the walls have been extended into the attic
and the chimney/closet to the left of the refrigerator
is reframed. I got everything closed up to the attic since
it was starting to get cold outside. I also have the master
bathroom gutted of fixtures and drywall.
November 2001 - The rest of the ceiling is out and the lighting
has started. There actually is a point to the positioning of the lights
in the ceiling. If they are too far away from the cabinets then you
cast a shadow on the countertop you are working on, and if they are
too close to the cabinets then the cabinet casts a shadow on the countertop.
I also ran 5 points of cable TV and phone including one on the
back deck. At this point I am still trying to use the
kitchen to cook and eat out of.
November 2001 - The electrical in the ceiling is complete and
and the roof ventilation is put in (the blue stuff). I also
have the ceiling/roof reframed as well as the skylight.
I had to raise an unknown low voltage wire running down the center
of the old ceiling. I think it is the back doorbell, but it never worked.
The drywall on the walls is down in the main bath forcing me
to use the basement shower.
November 2001 - The ceiling is insulated. I actually had five
people over for Thanksgiving dinner. I set up a big table
in the kitchen and cooked a turkey, luckily everyone else
brought over the rest of the food.
November 2001 - My friends Al, Brent, and Craig came over
to help put up the plywood on the ceiling. I also put up some
of the drywall board.
February 2002 - Now I really had to move out of the kitchen.
I put the refrigerator and stove in the dinning room and begun
to fix the floor. I had to tear out the old and glue/screw down
3/4" interlocking plywood cut so all unsupported seams
were over the 4x10's floor joists spaced 4 feet apart.
I got rid of all the spring and squeaks in the floor.
I took a bit of time away from the kitchen removing the
two bath ceilings and two closets from behind the kitchen.
March 2002 - I got my cabinets and tried out a few since the
drywall is nearly done.
March 2002 - I started putting in the birch "real" hardwood
floor with an ice and water tar paper below. It took a while
to find ice and water dam paper since it doesn't really
snow here. I also found that I needed to redo the plumbing
in the back wall which gave the the chance to increased
the insulation to R13 (from R7).
March 2002 - Almost all in, just a bit more flooring...
I setup the old kitchen cabinets in the garage. They look so nice out
there I will be ripping out the old workbench and shelves in the gargae.
I like the look of everything behind cabinet doors.
April 2002 - Jeff and Julie came over and we got most of the
cabinets together and the convection/microwave and dishwasher
placed in.
May 2002 - Working on the countertops with plywood and
cement board. I had to put a lot of steel reinforcement in the
peninsula to prevent it from twisting if you sit or stand on it.
Sergio, Brent, Craig, Lorraine, and I also put in the bow window.
I got a new refrig too. You can see my first attempt at peninsula
lighting, this was before I decided to mix copper and stainless.
June 2002 - Got the granite countertops in and a new gas stove.
I trimmed out the window and found a wood stain combination that matched
the cabinets. You can also see the copper pendant light above the peninsula
as well as the glass pendants lights above the sink.
Now I can move in and use the kitchen while the little bit left can
be completed later...
June 2003 - Its been a year but I have the baths
behind the wall going as well as decks and arbors outside
I had to raise the upper cabinets up about an inch to clear
the refrig. I have copper/stainless/copper backsplash complete,
working on the ceiling planks and trim, added pendant
lights over the sink, temporarily removed the one over the
peninsula, finished the cabinets to the left of the stove,
finished the pantry in the chimney left of the refrig,
moved the computer into the kitchen, and added lots of glass
and copper accents.
The kitchen is done. I got the under the counter lights all in and trimmed
out. I also got the above the cabinets lights in and trimmed out with crown
moulding. All the lights in the kitchen work off four switched circuits that
can be changed at the light source. I put four outlets, one for each circuit, at
various hidden places around the kitchen where all the lights are plugged in.
This allows me to change the lighting configuration if I want. I also got a
copper toaster, blender, and mixer. I put in a central vacuum, broom port
in the toe kick under the cabinet next to the refrigerator. The ceiling is
trimmed out, the fan installed, and the copper pendant light over the peninsula
is back in. I also trimmed out the doors entering the kitchen to match the rest
of the house.The kitchen is now a brownish orange.