Inside Projects During and After

Here are some inside projects I am working on.


^This photo shows the kitchen the day I moved in, notice the,
dark cedar-mahogany cabinets, gold dishwasher, and gold
vinyl floor and countertops.

^Hardwood floors, new cabinets and appliances, a raise ceiling,
and granite countertops with a peninsula.

^Notice the ugly window and dishwasher. Also look at the deck
through the window... It was full of junk from the previous
owers and the backyard was overgrown.

^New bow window, granite type sink and working dishwasher.

^This early photo shows the original green carpet removed,
the trimless window, drapes which covered the entire front wall,
strange corner lamp, and fireplace with insert and cedar walls.

^Projects remaining include 2 inch light colored oak blinds
and 6 inch custom oak baseboard.

^This in-progress photo shows the closed in stairway and
sub floor under the carpet. I have some of the new oak
flooring boards piled in the corner.

^Projects remaining include encasing the door trim in oak.

^Here you can clearly see the original closet over the
stairs as well as the rather closed in stair case.

^This is a good "in progress" photo showing the closet
and stair railings gone. The oak floor is complete in
the front but now yet in the hall. Notice the water pipe in
the railing area on the top stairs. This was hard to remove.

LEFT: I am currently putting in solid wood, oak doors in the hall
as well as 6 inch baseboard and new electrical. I made the
back stairs wall into a photo area with spot lighting. I also
got a fan to recirculate the air down the stairs.

^Another early view of the stairs with
the carpet removed.

^The stairs are encased in oak and a travertine
stone was put down in the entry way.

^I still have to finish the lower stairs.
Similar stairs to "All in the Family".

^Boring white (actually smoke damaged) walls and
narrow cedar-mahogany trim. A very common 70's house.

^The pump organ works, although I don't play.

^Another set of ugly lamps and nearly trimless windows.

^Don't have a dining room table yet and needs baseboard.

^Early photo of bedroom #1 with trimless window and
green carpet.

^I put in a new sub floor, carpet, trimmed everything out
in paintable wood, and installed 2 inch wood blinds.

^Photo of the bird viewing door from bedroom #1 looking
into bedroom #2. There was a screen door over this opening.

^The built-in book shelf is on hinges to open onto
the other bedroom

^This is a photo of the original "bird room" or bedroom #2
There was a lot of bird droppings all over this room.

^I did a good cleaning, painting, new overhead light, and
replaced the sub floor and carpet.

^Photo showing the orignal master bedroom with the same
green carpet and drape wall as in the livingroom.

^A new paint job, cloth blinds, and carpet was a quick
fix to get this room livable ASAP as I moved in.

^Photo showing the original main bathroom with the backs of two
closets on the left and right. Everyone got stuck opening the
door since it was soooooooooo small.

^Only a half bath now but the closets are gone making the room
rectangular. The marble tile floor, wall tile, and fixtures are in.

^Very small 3/4 master bedroom bath.

^Now its 8'x7' with a raised ceiling, jet tub, and double
sinks. At least it will be when finished

^Photo showing original laundry room from the video I took
of the house during the house inspection before moving in.
There was an extra large washer and drier which I used for
several years and a chest freezer on the other side.

^I have removed the walls, reworked most of the plumbing in the
walls to make the washing machine connections nicer and put in
a laundry sink.

^Here you can see the sink, new floor, heater, and PVC paneling.

^Cabinets on both sides, the far cabinet on the left has a
laundry shoot from the master bathroom above.