Some before and after photos of the remodeling process
What remains? The two wall mount toilets, the vinyl insert/cover over the cast iron tub, and a few internal walls...



Doesn't look like a place in Hawaii
^Living room with previous owner's tenant's stuff.
Light blue carpet, mirrors, wall paper, sliding door to
the bedroom. Notice how large the entertainment system is.
Looks like the 1980's (it just took up too much room)
More tropical feel, eh
^We fixed the walls after removing the wallpaper and
mirrors; painted the ceiling and walls; and
installed wood floating floors, french doors, and
a plasma TV with today’s smaller entertainment system.
Previous owner rented the place to two surfer dudes.
^Too bad the surf boards did not come with
the place, but we have our own.
New buffa with lamps and wood floor.
^The sofa folds out into a very comfortable
bed with all the bedding in the chest/coffee table.


photo as we bought the place
^Open living plan, with closed-in peninsula kitchen.
Still open but much nicer.
^Rotated the kitchen and put hardwood throughout.
Can you say claustrophobic?
^Very kitchen tight but it
had room for all the appliances.
I like the poster and beer boxes.
What a gutting operation, but we did it!!!
^After the entire kitchen was gutted, we installed
new wood floors and stainless appliances, new cabinets
granite countertop, and crown molding.
tight tight tight kitchen
^Very little countertop area, the stove
and the dishwasher door interfered, and
just a very tight, closed-in kitchen.
WOW what a change
^More room, lighter cabinets, more cabinets,
larger sink, new appliances, new lights,
new colors, it just feels better.

Back Bedroom

First bed room at the end of the hall with patio doors onto the lanai
^Photo before we owned the place.
The mirrors have to go along with the carpet.
This bedroom has a patio door onto the balcony
along with its own full bath and walk in closet
Lots of progress
^The mirrors are gone, the walls painted,
and a new floor. Its really a bright room
now. The two twin beds can be one king. The place
sleeps 6 plus fold out mattresses.

Front Bedroom

Second bedroom just off the living room
^Early photo showing the sliding door and
carpet in the bedroom just off the living room.
The room has a window overlooking the balcony.
Lots of progress
^New French doors with Daryl Louvers,
hardwood floors and paint.
A Murphy bed is installed in the closet.

Hallway Bathroom

Ugly half bath
^Photo showing the original half bath in the hall.
Pinkish marble floors and wall paper everywhere.
There is a linen closet in the back of the bath
to the far left along with plenty of ventilation
via our own vent shaft which goes to the roof.
New floors, check out the wall flush biffy
^All the wallpaper is off and the vanity is gone.
The new white tiled floor, vanity, new linen closet and
fixed the walls. New closet door, tin ceilings, and 4 foot
tall wainscoting/chair rail and baseboards are in.

Back Bathroom

Ugly full bath
^Photo showing the original full bath split half
in the back bedroom and half in its own room
note: the lovely round carpet and pink marble floors.
new sink, floors and lots of paint
^New sink, floors, lights and paint.
Louvers are going in above the doors.
A lot brighter area now.

Detailed Photos

^The living room with baseboards.

^Plasma TV and colorful entertainment shelves.

^New bathroom mirror and light, the new chair-rail goes all the way around the room now.

^Wainscoting and chair-rail.

^More Wainscoting and chair-rail.

^New tin ceiling.

^New ceiling, shower doors, and paint.

^Lots of black granite countertop space.

^Fancy cabinet pulls (surfboards and other island themes).

^Surfboard and other Hawaiian themed switch/outlet plates.

^Early photo of new closet organizer, its all cleaned-up now.

^Louvers above the bath and closet door (not quite complete).

^Louvers above the bath and bedroom doors (also not quite complete).

^Large picture in the livingroom.

^Large picture in the bedroom.

^French doors open into the second bedroom/office area.

^Murphy bed in the closet of one bedroom.

^Murphy bed in closed position.

^(Surfboard bedroom) The surfboards are visible from outside.

^New front door, trim, and island tin tile.

^Looking south off the balcony (Lanai) towards Waikiki Beach

^The surfboards all hung up

^9 story, new condo's going in next door.

^Floor plan showing changes to kitchen and French doors.

^Floor plan of entire floor (our unit is center left).

^Great photo of the condo building from one block away.