Cheeseballs, the one who dies with the most wins

Below are some toys I bought, some for fun, all for the basement entertainment room.

^This is the largest of my useless game room items. It a life-size, Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter, Star Wars statue
This numbered (34 of 250), item was made by a famous Hollywood Prop company with rights from Star Wars
Lucas Films. Boba Fett is the most valuable of the 5 characters made by this company.
More information can be found here.

^This is an actual costume from Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel which was created by Jim Henson. This character was the number one villain in the third season.

^I got a sci-fi movie prop for behind the Star Wars Boba Fett statue.
Its from Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel, running for 4 years plus a movie, filmed in Australia.
Its one of two Peacekeeper Space Base Computers. In the show it was lit from within by a 240V fluorescent light
but I carefully added a series of purple, green, and yellow neon lights inside.

^These are various actual props from the Star Trek movies and later TV series.

^This is one of my first items, a 1952 pinball machine. This one's claim to fame is that the
manufacturer, Genco, was the first to introduce flippers at the bottom of the playfield one
year earlier in some of their models. In 1934 the first electromechancial pinball machines where introduced.
Most pinball machines at this time were made by Genco.
Before that the pinball machine was a small bar/table top unit with pegs, holes, ...

^Here is a real slot machine I just got from my neighbor.

^Here are 4 of about 10 production cels from the Disney movie Tron
Tron was filmed in 1982 and was the first full length film using computers for visual effects.
In fact the Academy Awards that year did not want to nominate the film for special effects because they
thought that the use of computers was cheating. But Tron won the award that year.
The movie was created in a method similar to the animation classics using animation cels
drawn by three computer companies combined with enlarged live shots frame by frame.
The cels in my collection are all enlarged positive live shots some of which I have
backlit with colored neon lights. If you remember the movie, most of the bad guys where red
while the good guys where blue.

^I have been collecting a few production cells from various cartoons.
G-Force, Ren & Stimpy, Tom and Jerry, Hair Bear Bunch, Ant and Aardvark, Jetsons

^I have also been collecting some Breweriana