Boba Fett Detailed

Detail of Star Wars - Bounty Hunter - Boba Fett

^Helmet and chest amour plate. One of the belt pouches has a switch to turn on the LED badge on the chest. The batteries for this LED badge is in another belt pouch. The helmet has an information display which is pictured up, but can be lowered to be in front of the visor. This display is photographed in its up ward position. The display also has a switch (and batteries) which operate flashing LED's on the outside of the display.

^Close up of the belt pouch contents I found online. My photo was just not good enough. These items are mostly plastic and are suppose to be ammunition and such.

^Photo showing the blaster gun, arm/wrist dart launcher with hoses, and the back jet pack / rocket launcher. The gun and arm are a heavy plastic molded together, but the hand separates from the arm at the wrist with a square metal post with spring ball bearing clamps. Everything has bullet dents and painted wear to look like he's been in fighting action.

^Photo showing the jetpack/rocket launcher. Once again the top of the rocket comes off for easier movement. There is some dispute between action figures on the colors of the jump suit as well as the color of the jet pack. The jump suit can be gray or sky blue (I like the gray one better), and the jet pack can be this colorful version or one which is mainly green and gray matching the helmet and chest plates. The maker of this action figure picked the gray jump suit and colorful jet pack for all 500 statues.

This is a photo showing the cape. This cape is actually long enough to wrap as a scarf around the front, but some action figures have a larger version which is more similar to Darth Vader or Batman. This photo also shows the left arm rocket launcher with hose connection

Photo showing some of the emblems on the shoulder and helmet, and the ribbed neck fabric.

Official plaque showing number 034 of 500...

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