Boba Fett

Star Wars - Bounty Hunter - Boba Fett

I ordered this almost a year ago after seeing one next to a pinball machine in a TV game room remodeling show. I think it will look great next to my pinball machine in the basement. The lights on my home page are from the figures chest. This was one of several Star Wars characters made by Don Post who makes props for movies. 500 of this character was made. I have number 34 of 500. Don Post bought exclusive rights from Lucas Films to create Star Wars life size action figures. Don Post just recently sold the rights to Rubies, a costume manufacturer. Rubies currently only sells the life size Yoda figure, but sells Boba Fett helmets molded from this one.

When I ordered it, I was told after several weeks of them searching that the last one was made several years ago and no one has any in stock. I asked them to keep looking. About 3 weeks ago I got a call that one was found in the garage of an original distributor of these characters in Florida. It was in its original crate and never opened. I had it shipped up and got it a few days ago.

Boba Fett was a minor character in the first three Star Wars movies but became a cult figure among Star Wars collectors many years later and ended up making a lot of money for Lucas Films. They made so much money that Lucas Films wrote Boba Fett in as the main bad guy of the most recent and next Star Wars films. The 1979 Boba Fett original Star Wars action figure is worth the most of all the characters. EBay has been selling the original 4 inch action figures of the bounty hunter for over $1000.00, and was featured on Antiques Roadshow several years ago as a surprising collectable. The big one I have is worth quite a bit now also, luckily I got it for about 3 times less than its worth. In fact local millionaire Paul Allen (a Microsoft founder), just set up a movie museum by the Space Needle and they show only this exact item in all the TV commercials when they show the Star Wars section.

I guess I have made several unusual purchases this year (the Hawaii Condo, my plasma TV, and now this). What will it be next year...

I put it in my kitchen for the photos since it was the brightest area

Here is a little (12") Bounty Hunter

MORE detailed photos