Remodeling Before and After

The before column are images during the house inspection prior to buying the house. Four, jobless, untidy guys lived in the house after the owners passed away 6 months earlier. They had all utilities cut off but electric and was paying electric with the money they got from pawning off all the house's furniture. I had the real owner in Tennessee pay for a general house cleaning after everything was removed. The cleaner told me that this was by far the dirtiest house he had ever had to clean. The house inspection showed no water damage, pests, or general damage to the houses interior or exterior. I am glad I was the first to look at the house, since I really got a steal.


The firebox insert hides the half circular opening in the brick.  I had to breakout a lot of brick to get it squared out.  I used the old firebrick from the fire insert to fix the original firebox.
^The old fireplace was beehive shaped with white
painted cement brick, green tiled hearth and
nearly black cedar paneling on the wall on each side.
The firebox insert hung over the carpet 10 inches.
The ventless fire log is 100% efficient since it is designed to be used with the chimney damper closed, therefore all the heat comes into the living room. The log set uses a similar technology as a gas stove, although a small percent of people are allergic to it therefore it may have to be vented slightly.
^I framed out the mantel covered it and the wall in oak,
put down travertine stone and tumbled marble on the hearth
and mantel, fixed the damper and firebox, and added an
easily removable remote control ventless gas log set.
NO, the furniture photographed is not mine!
^A black cast iron railing, a closet overhanging the
stairs, and a short wall/railing between the stairs was
removed. The carpeting and sub floor was damaged and squeaky.
The harmonium (pump organ) I just purchased and got it working for $1.96.
^I removed the sub floor, screwed and glued down 3/4" tonge
and groove plywood, installed real oak floors with a custom
boarder, and rebuilt the stairs and covered them in oak.
All this wood was for the firebox insert.
^The previous owners of 25 years didn't like seeing the
neighborhood and mountains so the yard and deck was all
closed in with solid plywood deck railings, full deck
shades (shown up and open), and a lot of trees.
The upper deck is really open now with the new railings.
^Luckily they took the wood but they left all the other
stuff. Several trips to the dump, lots of cleaning and
trimming, and new deck railings really opened up the back
deck. I eat and read out here a lot now.
The seller's representative never saw the back yard when quoting a price.
^Dark green solid plywood sheets served as railings
all the way around this deck. The deck looks southwest
on downtown Redmond and the Olympic mountain range.
Most of the plants were already here but needed the overgrowth removed.
^It took 1 year to see what was in the backyard after
removing 5 trees, 3 large bushes, and 10+ ft tall wild
thorny raspberry vines. Wood and stone stairs are shown.
The green of the house really bothers me...
^Three bushes were removed, the pole lamp converted from
city gas to electric, the driveway re-sealed, the trees
trimmed, and a lot of weeds removed.
The three posts are part of an arbor and front deck which will look like a front porch with columns.
^I have been replanting the flower gardens and extending
them as well as trying to repaint the house a lighter
color. I will also be putting wider trim on the windows.